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Good Shepherd Lutheran Playschool is a nonprofit educational service affiliated with Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Woodbridge, Virginia since 1973.

About Good Shepherd Lutheran Playschool

Good Shepherd Lutheran Playschool recognizes that children at this age learn best through play. This demonstrates that learning can be fun, which helps to instill a life long appreciation of learning new things.

The goals of the school are to enable the opportunity for each child to continually develop feelings of achievement, accomplishment and independence. Our activities reinforce the academic skills that the children will need in school. These things will help to prepare the children to make a successful adjustment to kindergarten and further their educational and social development.

A child's first day in preschool is the beginning of many years of school experience. What happens on this and succeeding days of the year can positively influence a child's future in school. Preschool makes an important contribution towards the entire education of your child.

Going to school presents children with new experiences. Being away from home and familiar surroundings for several hours a week. Following directions, following different schedules, working and socializing with children their own age, undertaking new activities, using new materials, and preparing for further school experiences. Good Shepherd Lutheran Playschool provides a positive environment to help make the adjustment to future educational experiences.

Each class is taught by an experienced teacher who is carefully chosen for their ability and enjoyment of teaching children. In addition, there is an aide to assist the teachers where needed. All staff members are required to have background checks.

For more information or if you would like to visit the school, contact the Director, Kim Hughes, at 703-670-6556.

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Class Schedule & Tuition



Days of the Week (can be flexible)

Tuesday & Thursday
Monday, Wednesday, & Friday
Monday thru Thursday
Monday thru Friday



Classes Begin

Second Tuesday after Labor Day
First Friday after Labor Day
First Monday after Labor Day
First Friday after Labor Day

Tuition is made in ten monthly payments. The first month's tuition will be due the first week day in August. The remaining monthly payments are due on the first school day of the month.

Hours of Operation are 9:30am - 12:30pm. Classes within the playschool program are typically set up based on the children's ages and with the following pupil/teacher ratios: the youngest class is for children who were born April 2021 - December 2021, with seven children to one teacher; the middle class is for children who were born July 2020 - March 2021 with ten children to one teacher; the oldest class is for children who were born October 2019 - June 2020 with ten children to one teacher. All of the children in the oldest class will be eligible for kindergarten. A full-time aide assists the teachers.

Orientation for the children and parents are held on the Wednesday and Thursday after Labor Day. Classes begin on the Friday after Labor Day. The school year ends at the end of May.

Registration for the 2024-2025 school year begins March 6th. The registration fee is $100 per child and is non-refundable. A copy of their birth certificate must be included with registration.

here to download the Playschool Registration form.

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Sunday Worship

Our Worship: 10:00 AM


15695 Blackburn Road
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