Mar 17, 2022

This Ministry maintains the church building and grounds to protect its appearance, functionality and minimize the need for future repair costs. About half of the effort involves maintaining the grounds including: cutting grass, mulching, weeding flower beds, etc. This work is done weekly during the growing season. The other half of the effort goes into maintaining the church building. Routine maintenance includes monthly relamping of light fixtures and exit signs, annual painting of selected rooms and exterior trim, and semi-annual cleaning of light fixtures.

Various other types of minor repairs are performed throughout the year as needed. These include: spot cleaning of carpets, plumbing repairs, and maintenance of the lawn mowing equipment. There are regular members who contribute their time and talent to his Ministry (as there are in all of the Ministries). However, the pending workload requires much more. All able adult members are encouraged to consider donating one or two Saturdays per year to assist in maintaining our house of worship. Working together in this way we can preserve a beautiful church facility so that it is available for the congregation, worship, and fellowship of many for years to come.

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